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Super Stainless Steel Silicolloy

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Silicolloy is "SUPER STAINLESS STEEL" which has multiple features in a steel.
Regarding Silicolloy sales, we involved in the business cooperation with Silicolloy Lab Co., Ltd.
Tenhiko deals with sales support,and Silicolloy Lab Co., Ltd. deals with technical support.

Super Stainless Steel Silicolloy


Type Material C Si Mn Ni Cr Fe Others
Higher Strength Steel Silicolloy A2 (precipitation hardened) [K-SD45] 0.02 3.5 1.0 6.4 10.8 Bal. Mo,Cu,Nb
Higher Hardness Steel Silicolloy XVI(precipitation hardened) [K-SD48] 0.02 3.6 1.0 6.5 10.5 Bal. Mo,Co,Ti etc.
Corrosion Resisting Steel Silicolloy B2 (dual phase stainless steel) [K-SD46] 0.02 4.0 2.0 9.0 19.0 Bal. Mo,Cu
Heat Resisting Steel Silicolloy D (dual phase stainless steel) 0.02 3.9 1.0 14.0 18.0 Bal. Mo,Co

End application examples

Foot roller for continu-ous casting machine (CC Roller)
→Silicolloy A2,D

Bearing's roller for bridge
→Silicolloy A2

Shaft for safety relief valve
→Silicolloy A2

High pressure chamber
made in Daiichi Giken Co,Ltd
→Silicolloy A2

Ball bearings →Silicolloy XVI

Steel ball
→Silicolloy A2, XVI

Seizure resistance bolt
→Silicolloy A2, B2

→Silicolloy A2, B2

Marine impeller
→Silicolloy A2

Marine jet
→Silicolloy A2

Golf metal head
→Silicolloy A2

→Silicolloy B2

* Both of "シリコロイ" and "Silicolloy" are trademarked.
Now, we are selling round bar and processed goods(Foot roller for continuous casting machine),casting metal and casting processed goods of Silicolly. Also there are some cases that we can support other shapes such as wire and sheet and so on, please feel free to contact us.

For more information on Silicolloy, click here(Silicolloy Lab Co., Ltd. website).


These material information in this page is based on Silicolloy Lab Co., Ltd. product catalog.

There are some cases maker do not accept the production depending on the production lot and specification.

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