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Case Example

I'll introduce a part of our handling case example.

Stainless materials for deep squeezing NSS304ES

※NSS means specification of NIPPON STEEL Stainless Steel Corporation

Stainless materials for deep squeezing NSS304ES

NSS304ES is extra-soft material belong to SUS304 type. It is widely used for sensor case, kitchen instrument and lighting relations, etc because it has good cold forging quality and deep squeezing work.
It can reduce percent defective of clack sharply that can be happened in squeezing general materials. It also becomes possible to reduce the number of processing of the deep squeezing products which were fabricated by the multistage shape before. We have been received favorable comment from spinning companies like "It's the easiest material to squeeze compared to any other materials."

High-strength stainless steel NSSHT1770

High-strength stainless steel NSSHT1770

NSSHT1770 is high-strength stainless steel equivalent to SUS632J1 of JIS standard.It can have 1800N/mm2 strength after aging treatment. It is used for seat censer, punched spring and clubhead. It is valued as a good balanced stainless steel both in corrosion resistance and high-strength.

Alternative grade for cost reduction

NSS 430M2

NSS 430M2 is a ferritic stainless steel which has high processability equivalent to SUS304. It is used for burners and bicycle limb as alternative grade for cost reduction of the goods which need decent corrosion resistance.

W coat

Alkali soluble lubricated stainless steel:it can cut the degreasing process of protective film and press oil. Alkali degreasing (soapy water) can remove and dissolve lubricated film. It has high spot weldability. Because it has high lubricating ability, you can have advantages of cost cut by changing the base materials from SUS304 to SUS430 depending on the shape.
Workers do not need to wear working gloves or care about their fingerprints, and that can improve working efficiency.

Development of engine parts for car maker "D".

Customer's needs (name of parts : drive plate)

We acted the above 3 faster than competitors by getting the cooperation of steel makers and processing companies. We provided from materials to processing for the new products at the design change of engine. We could reach the customer's needs.

Conventional method

high-tensile steel (round pressed)+atypical flat bar
(wrapping around the pressed goods and welding)

Method at the design change

special steel
※ advantages:It can cut cost of spot welding. Stabilize quality.Insusceptible to heat treatment.

Suggestion of using N22CB for industrial machine, agricultural machine parts and caster parts.

N22CB has high reputation as high-quality material (more than HRC40 by heat treatment) instead of using SPHC, or cost-cut material instead of using S45C. N22CB is low carbon material and has good workability. It has as much workability as SPHC. And it can decrease the defectives such as crack, and has as much hardness as S45C (more than HRC40) for the products which is complex shape or squeezing. So it is used for various parts as alternative material of them. We suggest N22CB because it has high advantage in total cost; it is lower price than S45C, and it can avoid consumption of mold at press processing.

Suggestion of hardened plate for mold maker

Response of mold maker "N"

"It had been very troublesome that we need to buy the materials, ask laser company to cut them, bring them to hardening company and to correcting company. After we asked Tenhiko, they did all of them and we could reduce cost and delivery time.

Customer's problem
Customer had problem in having strain after hardening. It was also problem for them that correcting was difficult because after hardening.

We introduced "A" company's hardened plate
"A" company has a large vacuum heat treat furnace, so they can harden the large sheets. Their heat treatment technology can avoid strain. After heat treatment, they laser and rotary grind. And they can supply shaped hardened plates with good flatness. As we could ask only one company to process and the plates do not need to be corrected, we could drastically shorten delivery time. Also we could realize cost cut.

It's very helpful that Tenhiko accept even small lots or quick delivery

We received a comment from one spring maker in Osaka; "It's very helpful that Tenhiko accept even small lots or quick delivery."

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