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Useful Information

SUP10 (Spring steel) sheet, coil, plate, flat bar, round bar

Equivalent : 50CrV4, 51CrV4

Are you interested in SUP10 (sheet, coil, plate, flat bar, round bar) ??

We are handling various shapes and size of SUP10 (spring steel),

Cold Rolled steel sheet (1.75mm~) and Hot Rolled steel sheet (~7.00mm) made by NIPPON STEEL CORPORATION thicker than 7mm to 18mm thickness, we can deal with the materials made by Nachi-Fujikoshi Corp.

Regarding round bars, we can handle max 350mm diameter made by Mitsubishi Steel MFG Co.,Ltd. or Sanyo Special Steel Co.,Ltd.


*Here is Our Stock of "Spring Steel (SUP10)" 

Maker Grade Spec Size
NIPPON STEEL SUP10M(A) Cold Rolled Steel Sheet 1.75 x 400 x 1500
2.0 x 400 x 1500
2.5 x 400 x 1500
3.0 x 400 x 1500
SUP10(A) Hot Rolled Steel Sheet 2.0 x 880 x 1550
2.3 x 880 x 1550
2.5 x 880 x 1550
3.0 x 880 x 1550
3.2 x 880 x 1550
3.5 x 880 x 1550
4.0 x 880 x 1550
4.5 x 880 x 1550
5.0 x 880 x 1550
5.5 x 880 x 1550
6.0 x 880 x 1550(1680)
6.5 x 880 x 1550
6.7 x 880 x 1550
7.0 x 880 x 1550
NACHI-FUJIKOSHI 7.3 x 405 x 405
7.5 x 435 x 435
9.0 x 520 x 520

         Others 10mm ~18mm(Max)




Round Bar (Rolling) φ70mm~φ203.2mm

  Round Bar




*We handle other sizes than above. Please Click here and feel free to contact us.

*Click here and go to more detailed information about spring steel

CC Roller

Continuous casting equipment of the steelworks is the devices which mold molten metal of more than 1,000 degrees Celsius to billets. It is used for the molding roller in the very severe environment (It is suddenly heated it and cooled it continuously).

CC roller made by SilicolloyA2 realized to make the roller's life longer in harsh environment, because it excel in heat resistance, strength at higher temperature, and wear resistance.

It is used at each major steelworks and makes the roller's life longer effect of 3-10 times of traditional materials. Also it contributes to lower cost by reduction of maintenance.

For more information on CC Roller (for continuous casting roller), click below link.

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