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Q & A

Questions about Material.

What is the maximum thickness of NIPPON STEEL material?

SK85A 8tx1000xC, SUP10A 7tx850x1640, SCM 7x850x1640


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What is the edge of NIPPON STEEL cargo?

Normally, it is mill edge.

What is the meaning of (A)?

It is Pickled and Annealed.

What is the (S) from SK85M(S)?

It is the meaning of "Skinpass bright".After cold rolling, annealing and thermal refining are implemented

What is the (A), M(S) next to SK?

(A) means Pickled and annealed. Surface is looks white and it is made soft by annealing. M(S) means polish skinpass material and more finely and so brilliant.

What thickness of SUP(Spring Steel) material the maximum to be produced by NIPPON STEEL?

It is possible to manufacture thickness 7.00mm. Moreover, we need to check our supplier.

What's the meaning of (N) from S55C(N)?

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Which thickness of S55C normalized steel plate do you stock?

From thickness 13 to 308mm

What is the size tolerance of S55C(N) after cutting?

-0mm/+3mm (This is Tenhiko tolerance)

What is Sillicolloy?

Silicolloy is precipitation hardened stainless steel which has corrosion resistance and high hardness, it similar to SUS630. About corrosion resistance is similar to SUS630, but hardness of SUS630 is around HRC42~43, Sillicolloy is Max HRC56+/-2.

What's "Super"on "Silicolloy"?

Silicolloy is the SUPER STAINESS STEEL which has multiple features in a steel that include higher strength, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, higher hardness, casting ability and heart erosion resistance.

Who sell "Sillicolloy"?

There is some companies deal with Sillicolloy. But only Tenhiko, we have stock and work with SI TECHNO which has knowledge of silicolloy technique.

Please inform us your stock of Stainless steel sheet.

Stainless Steel(SUS304?SUS430): 0.3mm~9.0mm
Stainless Steel(NSS304ES?NSS304M2): 0.3mm~3.0mm
Lubricating treatment Stainless(SUS304 WAC3):0.3mm~0.8mm
Surface treatment steel (ZAM, Alstar): 0.6mm~6.0mm
We have each kind of stainless steel pipe.

What's the meaning of"ES"?

It is the meaning of "Extra soft".

What is the difference of"ALLOY"and"HASTELLOY"?

ALLOY produced by VDM(Germany) and HASTELLOY is produced by MITSUBISHI STEEL as "MA22" because it was produced by MITUBISHI STEEL and HASTELLOY in the past, but now their agreement of the brand "HASTELLOY" is already closed.

Are you selling Ordinary steel?

Mainly our stock is Special Steel, but we can order to other supplier.

Questions about Processing.

Is it possible to cut long length like 2438mm? And how about narrow width like 30mm? (twist, strain etc.)

First, please contact us because partly there is impossible size. Also please contact us about the condition of material for example, rolling direction.

Please inform shirring cutting tolerance of Tenhiko materials.

It is depend on each grade and size. We can correspond each time when you contact us.

What processing machine do you have? And what is cutting limit?

It is depending on shape and grade so please contact us. Also please check out web-site where page "processing offer" of "processing ability from CS center".

What kind of processing can Tenhiko do?

In our company, we can do shirring and saw blade cutting processing and we are able to correspond machining processing to use our processing network(We are cooperate with several maker, so we can deal with precision work such as cutting processing, grinding processing).

Please inform specific item of Chinese processed goods.

Industrial tool part of Lost wax, sand mold steel casting(Dia 1M), and cutting processed good of Dia 400mm etc.

About Lost wax, casting and forging, what kind of process, do they have? (like specialty).

Lost wax:
To pour in wax for mold to make same shape of material wax form, and make hardened sand produce an increase in temperature surrounding wax mold. After melt down wax, there is air hole. Make material to pour melt metal. It is cut out for small weight.

Make sand mold to compress it surrounding wood and metal form and after get rid of mold (wood and metal), that space became empty. And material will make by running down melt metal.

Made shape by hummer on material such as bar steel and making necessary shape to push mold and it's possible to make quality production.

Is it possible to do cast steel?

Yes, it can do for sand mold and Lost wax..

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