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Our suggestion of right meterial
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Our suggestion of right material

Are you satisfied with the present material selection?

Each steel makers produce various steels of their original brand.
About the selection of special steel, we introduce our view of right approach.

Our suggestion of right material

Tenhiko suggest right materials based on the function of customer's product, performance, manufacture, and a processing procedure.

Right approach of Tenhiko * HF= High Frequency hardening  FB= Fine Blanking


Specific Example : Requirement for Rim Saw Materials

Requirement from Customers

Specific Compliant

1. Please produce without caring about a yield loss!
In addition to the usual products offered, since it had troubled for combinations, such as a small lot and special size goods, two kinds of price setup of the prevailing price and the loss zero price was carried out.
2. How about using cheap low carbon material for blank blade material?
The boron steel which does not contain as expensive element is used as blank blade materials.
3. If a wide-width, flatness, and surface state is considered and cold-rolled materials are examined?
One of our customers who considered total cost and changed to cold-rolled material.
4. Please examine chromium steel equipped with safety standards equivalent to SKS5!
The safety standards of CE are passed.
The material list considered according to the characteristic
N22CB   NK6Cr NKS85    
·Higher Strength ·Toughness-Resistance
·High-Fatigue Property
·Heat-Resistant deterioration

According to those examples, we can work customer's requirement , therefore, please feel free to contact us.

Please feel free to contact us

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