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These materials are used for other parts.

Audio-video equipment·Office automation equipment Clear coated stainless, Peal style clear coated stainless
Climbing irons SCM435
Safety shoes toe box S50C, SAE1060
Sanitary arrangements NSSAM-1/AM-3
Elevator NSS439
Oil tank room NSS432, NSS442M3, NSS436
In-house plumbing SCR
Music box vibrating plate NKS56
Water heater can NSS444N, NSS445M2
Hot-water boiler NSSSCR, NSS430M3
Chemical industry, coloring , fereilizer industry SUS316, SUS316L, SUS316J1, SUS316J1L, SUS317, SUS317L, SUS321, SUS347
Springs SK85, SK95, SUS301CSP
Mechanical parts SUS420J1
Coin NSS304S
Golf shaft NSSHT1770
Convex SK85, SK95
Bicycle rim NSS430M2, NSS430LX, NSS430M4, NSS430LX
Incinerator NSSER-4
Nitric acid tank SUS310S
Shovel S45C, S50C
Skate edge S50C
Steel belt NSSHT980, NSSHT1770M, SUS301
Spanner S50C
Papermaking industry SUS304L, SUS316, SUS316L, SUS316J1, SUS316J1L, SUS317, SUS317L, SUS321, SUS347
Petroleum refinery SUS304L
Petroleum refinery column still SUS405, SUS410S
Contact material NSSHS-3
Solar heat water collector SUS444, NSS444N
Chain S50C, S53C, S55C, SAE1041
Aquatic reservoir, heat storage tank SUS444, NSS444N
Resistor body NCA-1, NCA-2
Rail car SUS301L
Electric water heater NSSSCR
Doctor blade SUS420J2
Dresser S50C
Combustion chamber parts SUS310S
Combustion tube NCA-1, NCA-2
Combustion material NSSER-1
Caliper square SUS420J2
Material for fine blanking NSS304ES
Weaving machine parts NSSWR-1
Materials for cold-rolled steel strip SC, SK, SKS
Measures SK, SUS420J2, SK85
Sheet heating element NCA-1
High-welding material NSSHT980

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