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Mr.Hikosaburo Higuchi I founded "Tenhiko Shoten", a saw manufacturer in Shiga prefecture. (Founded )
1918 Mr.Hikosaburo Higuchi II started mailing order to Korea, Philippine and Taiwan.
Established "Omi Saw Manufaturing Works, Ltd." which united the saw industry in Shiga. H. Higuchi III became President
1947 Changed the company name to "Tenhiko Manufacturing Works, Ltd.". Opened an office in Osaka, and started sales of steel materials.
1960 Changed the company name to "Tenhiko Industrial Co., Ltd." and Osaka representative office converted to Osaka sales office.
1972 Moved Osaka sales office and warehouse to Higashi-Osaka City and installed shearing equipment.
1975 100th year of operation. Computers installed
1977 Became a joint-stock company. Capital participation in Nomizu Steel Co., Ltd.
1983 Mr.Katsuhiko Higuchi became President. Mr.Hikosaburo Higuchi III became Chairman.
1985 Merged with Miyata Hagane Shoten Co., Ltd., and started as the new "Tenhiko Industrial Co., Ltd.".
1987 New company building & warehouse were built at Osaka Nanko Steel Port (O.S.P.) in Osaka City.
1990 2 sets of automatic shearing machine were settled first among Japanese special steel distributors.
Started manufacturing & sales of clad steels.
1991 Oct.1 was set as "Tenhiko Day", anniversary of foundation.
1997 "Kasto" (Germany) large scaled vertical saws installed first in Japan.
1998 Joined Special Steel distributor Fair '98 at World Trade Center in Osaka.Katsuhiko Higuchi acted as promotion committee member.
Celebrated 123rd year anniversary in Hawaii,published a company history book of 123rd year anniversary.
2000 Company funeral of late Mr.Hikosaburo Higuchi, ex-chairman of board of directors was held at Mitsui Arban Hotel. About 500 people attended the funeral.
2002 Mr.K.Higuchi became a manager of ZENTOKKYO ( All Japan Special Steel Distributors Associations) Osaka branch.
Started sales of super stainless steel "Silicolloy".
2003 We were approved "the management innovation support law management innovation plan approval company" by Osaka prefecture.

2004 Tenhiko gratefully received an award for industrual merit of Osaka.
2005 130 Years Anniversarry of establishment.
Celebrated 130rd year anniversary in Cairns, Australia.
Mr.Tomoo Higuchi assumed the fifth -generation presidency.Mr.Katsuhiko Higuchi assumed the position of chairman. (Jun)
Opened a new office in Thailand (BANGKOK REPRESENTATIVE OFFICE). (Sep)
2006 We carried out the overseas study tour in Shanghai.(Jul)
2007 Published a company history of 130rd year anniversary.
Established SHANGHAI TENHIKO CO., LTD. (Oct)
2008 Established "Tenhiko Industrial Thailand Co., Ltd." in Bangkok Thailand. (Jan)
We were recognized as a positive company about the next generation promotion from Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.
and acquired "Kurumin mark".(Jun)

We were recognized as "an IT management practice authorization company" in medium-sized and small companies IT management power grand prize 2009 by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry sponsorship.

We carried out the study tour in Hokkaido and followed the history of Tenhiko in the Development Memorial Museum.(Feb)

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ZIP: 559-0032
5-26, 5-Chome, Nankominami, Suminoe-ku, Osaka, JAPAN



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