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President Message

Innovation on our traditional succession
keep our brand and policy

Tenhiko Industrial Co., Ltd. has been in business for 134 years since Hikosaburo Higuchi I started Tenhiko which was a ripsaw manufacturer in 1875.
The second generation started mail-order business, which was innovative for its time. The third generation opened the way to steel selling, and the fourth generation established our existence value as a special steel distribution company.

We have been very particular about the mind of "SANPO YOSHI - to be good for sellers, buyers and society," which is the conclusion that came out of past innovations. As fifth generation, I must succeed them and keep innovating for company's existence.

We established overseas subsidiaries in Shanghai (2007) and in Thailand (2008), and made the triangle with headquarter as an axis. We need to match the global standard of the industry. It is said that it belongs to Asia today; neighboring countries have grown remarkably, especially China keeps double-digit increase.
At the same time, hollowing out still continues because of overseas advance. It is big issue for manufacturers that cost-competitiveness, local procurement ability and quality control ability.We will improve the quality of OYAKUDACHI (assistance) and continue it for each of them, and get the existence value.

We give the policy to "employee creed." We dare not say "customer creed" to ensure "SANPO YOSHI."It is employees to talk with customers. If employees cannot feel motivation in their work or their life, it is impossible to give real service to the customers. We can achieve true "customer creed" when employees have true loyalty to our company.
We pursue our own and family happiness, and achieve self-actualization. I think corporate performance is proportional to these things. Our characteristic committees' activities are big power to enhance them.

It is such a turbulent days, however, we are working toward goal together.
I think it is the best way to respond to the trust of the customers that we keep making creative ingenuity and challenging new things with courage.
We carry out thorough the mind of "SANPO YOSHI," have heart-to-heart relationship, and chase the limitless dreams. It is our thought.

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5-26, 5-Chome, Nankominami, Suminoe-ku, Osaka, JAPAN



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