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Automobile parts

These materials are used for automobile parts.

Engine parts

VCT(valve control timing )
pulley inner plate
Input shaft SCR,SCM
Gasket SC
Crankshaft SC
Conrod SC
Exhaust pipe for automobile SUS410L
Exhaust manifold for automobile NSSHR-1,NSSEM-2/EM-3,NSS302B,NSSER-1
Exhaust gas system for automobile NSSER-4,NSSHR-1
Exhaust gas parts for automobile NSS302B,NSSER-1
Exhaust gas parts for automobile Alstar stainlessNSS442M3,NSS436M1
Muffler for automobile NSS439,NSS436
Turbine blade SUS410
Timing chain (silent type) SCM435,SUP10,SAE1055,SAE1552
Timing chain (roller type) SAE1050,SK7
Chain link plate (timing chain) S50C,S55C,SCM435,SUP10
Drive plate S20C,S35C
Torque converter plate S35C,S50C
Exhaust gas treatment equipment SUH409,SUS410L,NSS410M1
Valve seat SUS403,NSSHT1770
Valve springs SC
Valve retainer SC
Valve lifter SC,SCM415
Valve rocker arm SC
Rocker arm SCM415


(Clutch disc springs)
Cushioning plate
Clutch hub SK85,SCM435,SNCM
Clutch plate S45C,S55C,SAE1074,SAE1085,SK85,S35C,NCH780MOD
Synchronizer cone NK6D
Synchronizer ring SCM,SUJ2
Hub sleeve SCR,SCM
Reverse idler SCR,SCM
Shift lever rib S20C
Release bearing inner cylinder NK6D


Coil springs spring steels
Shock absorber SC
Stabilizer spring steels,N22CB(pipe)
Steering (rack & pinion) SC,SCR
Steering knuckle SC,SCR,SCM
Wheel cover SUS301,NSS430M4,NSS430LX


Output shaft SCR,SCM
Disk brake for motorcycle NSS410M4
Disk SAE1085,SUP6,SAE1074
Parking lever S45C
Brake NSS431-DP2
Brake pad S45C,SK85
Propeller shaft SC

Automobile interior parts

Safety belt buckle S50C,S55C,N55D
Seat sensor auto-parts NSSHT1770
Trim for automobile SUS434,NSS442M2,NSS442M3
Retractoer spring SUS301CSP

Automobile exterior parts

Door lock plate S20C,S45C,SCM420,SCM435
Door latch SCM435
Horn (diaphragm) SK85
Lower arm SC

Component parts

Counter gear SCR,SCM
Cam shaft SCR420,S20C
Disk spring SUP10,SC,SK
Sim SK85
Sproket gear S45C(for FB),SCM415,SCR440
Spacer SK85
Timing gear SC,SCM
Diaphragm spring SK85,SAE1070,SAE1080,SUP10,NKS59,N70C
Tappet shim SCM415,SCM420,SCR420
Pinion gear SCM
Ring gear SCM
Balancer SK85,SAE1070
Reclining seat gear S45C,SNCM220,SCM420,SCM435,S20C
Washer S45C,S50C,SK85,SK75,NSSHT1770

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